Having an IT department or agency undoubtedly creates a peace of mind for any business. Hackers, virus, and malware threats can occur multiple times during a work day. Don’t just take our word for it- CNN reported that more than 317 new pieces of malware were created last year. 2013 and 2014 were busy years for high-profile cyber-attacks including the Heartbleed bug, Sony’s hack, and stolen consumer credit card information from Target customers. According to Symantec, five out of six large companies were targeted by cybercriminals.

I’m sure you are familiar with those pesky spam emails that flood your spam folder but sometimes have the sneaky habit of making their way to your inbox. Verizon found that when these emails are opened or any file downloaded from the email, malware floods your computer. It is estimated that within 82 seconds of this email being sent, anyone could be infected with malware. Think about how many computers and personal email accounts there are within your office- it’s a lot to worry about for any office that does not have professional IT services.

IT management not only protects against vicious Internet attacks but keeps your computer systems up to date and maintained. With any vehicle, an engine only works its best when it receives regular services and maintenance. Think of your system as something that needs to be serviced regularly and sometimes updated- whether it be hardware or software. Ensuring that someone is watching your system networks 24 hours a day leaves little room for small issues that could build up to downtime of your entire business.

Computer Experts is one of the oldest locally owned onsite and residential IT service providers in Brevard County. Established in 1990, Computer Experts provides its customers with a total solution for all their IT needs with just one call. They provide in-home, on-site, and remote services to all clients. You can call Computer Experts at 321-726-5977 or visit their retail store located at 1500 Palm Bay Rd. Palm Bay, FL.

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