There are many advantages to computer upgrades. A computer upgrade can be less expensive than buying a new computer, and in some cases, can make your existing computer faster than a new one.

Sometimes a computer can begin running slow- whether its general slowness or specific tasks take longer to execute. There are many ways to diagnose your slow PC, but the best way is to take it to an expert. You may learn that you don’t need an upgrade. On the other hand, you may need an upgrade and it’s important to narrow down the hardware you will need.

If you are replacing a part that is dependent on other parts, things could get a little more complicated. For example, you may need a new motherboard if you are upgrading your CPU. Depending on what you are thinking about upgrading, costs could vary- and sometimes you may be better off buying a new computer. Bring in your old computer and Computer Experts can provide a free estimate on upgrading or purchasing new.

If you’re worried about buying a new computer and losing all your old data, or putting the time aside to transfer it to your new machine- let us help you. With each new computer purchase, Computer Experts offers free data transfer! Bring in your old and new machines and we’ll take care of the rest.

Computer Experts is one of the oldest locally owned onsite and residential IT service providers in Brevard County. Established in 1990, Computer Experts provides its customers with a total solution for all their IT needs with just one call. They provide in-home, on-site, and remote services to all clients. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding purchasing a new computer or updating your current one, please call us at 321-726-5977 or visit our retail store located at 1500 Palm Bay Rd. Palm Bay, FL.

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