Why should I backup my data?

Look around you- there really isn’t a reason you shouldn’t backup your data. Whether your computer fails, is lost or stolen, or files encrypted– Computer Experts are here to help. At Computer Experts we often see viruses that cause people to lose the data on their computers. A virus can infect the computer and may delete or corrupt files. More increasingly, a virus will hold data random and demand payment to return the files. Hard drive failure is another common occurrence that usually happens at the most inconvenient time- and if you didn’t backup your data, it’s gone. If a computer or laptop is stolen or lost, that data will most likely never be recovered.

What data should I backup?

Backup any information that contains personal or financial details that would be disastrous if lost. Basically, backup data that is important to you- pictures, tax information, documents, etc.- especially files that can’t be replaced.

How do I backup my data?

Depending on your operating system and how much data you have, how you backup your data can vary. The technicians at Computer Experts can explain the importance of backing up your data and find the backup solution that works best for your specific situation. There are many different ways to go about backing up your data and finding the right one can be difficult. Our techs know all about the latest backup software and backup mediums and will help design a plan that meets your needs.

How frequently should I back it up?

It really depends on how valuable your data and time is to you, and how often you use your computer. Weekly backups are usually recommended for personal computers, while daily backups are needed for computers on a business network. At Computer Experts, we understand that every computer and user is unique- come see us today and we can recommend what is best for you.

Computer Experts is one of the oldest locally owned onsite and residential IT service providers in Brevard County. Established in 1990, Computer Experts provides its customers with a total solution for all their IT needs with just one call. They provide in-home, on-site, and remote services to all clients. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding data backup, please call us at 321-726-5977 or visit our retail store located at 1500 Palm Bay Rd. Palm Bay, FL.

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