Malware is technically the shortened term for “malicious software”. It is a general term to refer to a virus, spyware, Trojan, etc. The term malware usually means a program that is used to bring damage to a computer.

Your computer is susceptible to viruses if you use the Internet- which makes almost every computer vulnerable. Computer viruses are most often spread by email messages or in instant message programs. They can come in the most innocent forms- a picture, e-invite, or movie files. Virus attacks can have multiple outcomes. They can delete or corrupt data on the computer, or erase everything on the hard drive. Viruses also can come from downloads on the Internet, or in illicit software.

Spyware is most commonly used for advertising purposes by collecting personal information or changing the configuration of your computer. Spyware that uses software to track personal information for specific advertising is called adware. Many times spyware is very difficult to remove, and other kinds can make changes to your computer that can cause it to slow down or even crash. There are certain measures every computer user should take to prevent the installation of spyware. Whenever downloading something, make sure to read the fine print- including the license agreement and privacy statement. Sometimes spyware could be installed with certain software, and you may have clicked to agree to it.

Often customers come into our store with the suspicion that their computer has been infected by a virus. Our Experts are not only able to diagnose what the exact issue is, but also precisely how to remove it and reduce further infection. Computer Experts also offers virus protections plans with every virus removal. It is extremely important that your computer has the latest updates and antivirus installed so that you can stay informed on the most recent threats on the machine.

Computer Experts is one of the oldest locally owned onsite and residential IT service providers in Brevard County. Established in 1990, Computer Experts provides its customers with a total solution for all their IT needs with just one call. They provide in-home, on-site, and remote services to all clients. You can call Computer Experts at 321-726-5977 or visit their retail store located at 1500 Palm Bay Rd. Palm Bay, FL.

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