At Computer Experts, we understand that disasters are unpredictable.

Businesses that do not have disaster recovery plans for their IT infrastructure are businesses that are destined to fail. It is estimated that when businesses encounter an IT disaster, 60% of those businesses will fail within the following six months. When an event occurs that leaves your business or office inoperable, having a back-up plan will ensure your business’ survival. Look around your office. What do you see? Virtually every business in today’s world revolves around the use of technology!

Part of having Managed IT Services is similar to having insurance for all the technology in your office- what’s your business’ plan if the IT infrastructure goes down? It happened to a client of ours recently. Over Labor Day weekend, a series of severe thunderstorms hit Brevard County causing flooding and electrical outages. When our client and their employees returned to work that Tuesday,  their entire system was down. Computer Experts was already made aware of this the night before through our specialized monitoring system, and we altered the business owner. Because this client has an Expert IT contract with us, our technicians were able to be on site immediately. Computer Experts’ system administrators were able to determine that the business was hit by a direct lightning strike. We were able to replace what needed to be replaced, repair the entire system, and got them back in business by the end of the day- at a fraction of the cost of what they would have paid if they didn’t have IT Management Services through us! This particular business could have been faced with a bill of tens of thousands of dollars and a minimum of a week of downtime if Computer Experts wasn’t monitoring their office.

Computer Experts can create a specialized disaster recovery plan to reduce downtime and costs to your business in the event of a catastrophe. At Computer Experts, we have specialized monitors that show our techs the status of each client’s IT system. If a network goes offline or a network is attempting to be hacked, we know right away. Our system and technicians are able to catch almost any Internet problem or security breach before it causes damage.  With the increasing number of cyber security threats out there to businesses of all sizes, it has become essential to have someone managing your IT infrastructure. Our infrastructure analysis can help identify problems for your business that you weren’t even aware existed. A technician can come out and perform a complete analysis of your network and devices to see what specific problems, risks, and other threats exist. A plan to correct these problems or improve the infrastructure can be done with this report.

Having to bring in computers for service can be a hassle. Unplugging all those cables and carrying the tower into the store is something no one wants to do. Through our new remote support software, we are able to resolve problems remotely by connecting to your business or personal computer. You can grant a technician access and revoke it when the problem is resolved. These repairs are done much quicker and efficiently than ever before- thanks to Computer Experts!

Computer Experts is one of the oldest locally owned onsite and residential IT service providers in Brevard County. Established in 1990, we provide customers with a total solution for all their IT needs with just one call. Call us today to schedule your Expert Analysis of your IT infrastructure and learn more about IT Management Services from Computer Experts.

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