National Clean Out Your Computer Day occurs annually on the second Monday of February and serves as a reminder to take some time out of your busy schedule to take care of your computer! Here are some simple ways to observe NCOYCD today and maintain the health of your computer:

1. Clean Digital Clutter

Clean up all that clutter on your desktop by going through the files and programs and asking yourself, “When’s the last time I used that?” If you used it once and will most likely never use it again, delete it. Everything else should go in organized folders, but only those folders you use often should go on your desktop.

2. Restart Regularly

Just like you, your computer needs a refresher every once in a while. By restarting your computer about once a week, you allow your computer to install any needed updates. Restarting your computer also may close out any programs running in the background that may be causing it to run slowly.

3. Defrag

Defragmenting your computer rearranges the data and groups it together to help the hard drive run more efficiently. Defragmenting also helps programs to run faster and files download quicker. It also may extend the life of your computer’s hard drive.

4. Run Anti-virus

Anti-virus programs can scan files in less time on a disk that has been defragged. When you run an anti-virus, it alerts you of any files or programs on your computer with malicious properties. Running an anti-virus and deleting those programs could not only free up space on your hard drive, but also make your computer run faster.

5. Clean Hardware

Part of National Clean Out Your Computer Day is physically cleaning your keyboard, mouse, and the components!

If you are unsure how to defrag a hard drive, run an anti-virus, or physically clean your computer, give Computer Experts a call today at 321-726-5977 or visit our store location at 1500 Palm Bay Road, Palm Bay, FL 32905.

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