Malicious emails are on the rise, and unfortunately we come across several businesses and residents that fall victim to email scams and malicious attachments each week. By following these best practices, you can help mitigate the chance of falling victim to an email scam or computer virus:

  1. Never open emails from strange or unfamiliar email addresses.
  2. Don’t open email attachments or click on a URL until its verified- if you receive an email from a familiar contact that includes an attachment or link, verify separately by phone that the person or organization intentionally sent the message.
  3. Do not use the same passwords for multiple accounts, and change your passwords often.
  4. Always have an installed, active antivirus and anti-malware subscription.
  5. Email security is no longer an option- you need it! Having an email security provider will filter suspicious emails and keep them from even coming into your inbox.


We will always stay at the forefront of protecting Managed IT clients. No business is immune to phishing, spear phishing, virus, and ransomware attacks- but don’t let that keep you from being guarded and prepared. We offer many types of preventative measures to combat today’s cyber threats. Email security and antispam, website filtering and reporting, antivirus, and backup monitoring are a few of the solutions we suggest every business possess. Give us a call today: 321-726-5977

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