Many large companies have Chief Information Officers (CIOs), but what about small to medium-sized businesses? With businesses relying on technology more now than ever before, having an IT professional is no longer just an option. Computer Experts is an exceptional IT firm with exceptional employees that has served Brevard County for 29 years. Our technicians have superior working relationships with our Managed Clients while acting as their trusted advisers on all things technology related. We make decisions based on YOUR needs, not ours, because our firm becomes your Chief Information Officer (CIO) when you are a Managed Client.

Companies that hire us for Managed Services and allow us to be their CIO realize that IT is an integral part of their business that can no longer be handled by a relative, staff member, or the guy next door. They understand that IT is no longer an optional expense, but an operational expense similar to phones or electricity. Our IT firm thinks like a business owner before thinking like IT technicians. Many companies recognize the hourly cost of downtime and business interruption is so much more than a technician’s hourly rate. They hire us to ensure their office is licensed correctly and adheres to any laws that might apply to their business’ IT systems.

If your business can relate to any of the following statements then we cannot be an effective CIO for you:

You are a do-it-yourself type and only want help when you cannot figure it out yourself.
Your IT plan is to keep the network running until the wheels fall off; then we will deal with it.
You are content creating “work-arounds” or applying “Band-Aids” to fix problems and do not adhere to any of the advice/instructions we have given you regarding your IT network (and then become frustrated at us when the “Band-Aids” cause issues).
You do not care how your employees use business resources during business hours.
You believe a PC should last more than 5+ years.
You enjoy spending free time learning how to fix computers.
You depend on “non-professionals” to help you out with IT.
You maintain that business productivity and performance are secondary to IT costs.
You think we are salesman interested only in our own profits when we advise your office to purchase new hardware.

Businesses that truly want what is best for their IT allow us to be their CIO. Computer Experts Managed IT Services provides 24/7 monitoring, proactive system maintenance, and preventative procedures to keep your office running smoothly. This allows you and your employees to focus on what you do best. If you’d like to learn more about our Managed Services, give us a call today: 321-726-5977

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