Losing Your Data is Scary

Losing Your Data is Scary

Damaged computer? Computer or server not turning on? Getting the ‘Blue Screen of Death’? The worry and stress that hits you in that moment comes really close to feeling like a heart attack. Halloween is scary enough- don’t let your home office or business go without...
The Importance of Offsite Backup

The Importance of Offsite Backup

Backing up to an internal hard drive that is always connected to your business’s system is a crucial first step in protecting company data. Offsite backups are also a substantially important part of a backup solution because of the added level of protection against...
Data Backup FAQs

Data Backup FAQs

Why should I backup my data? Look around you- there really isn’t a reason you shouldn’t backup your data. Whether your computer fails, is lost or stolen, or files encrypted– Computer Experts are here to help. At Computer Experts we often see viruses that cause people...

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